Man Notices Mysterious Black Substance Going Down His Wall, Turns Out To Be Blood Of Dead Neighbor


Two men were horrified when a dark substance with a ‘horrible smell’ that started dripping down their wall was actually the blood of an upstairs neighbour who had died more than a week earlier. 

AJ McCrady tweeted pictures and videos of the stains at his apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, saying it ‘smelt horrible recently’. 

He and his flatmate called a maintenance team to investigate who discovered the decomposing body of their neighbour. 

Authorities said the black tar-like liquid was bodily fluids that had leaked through the floor and into AJ’s flat.

After some heavy consideration, I have to come to the conclusion that this is the worst possible way to find out your neighbor is dead. I'm not talking about some neighbor you've been close with for however many years now. I'm talking about your average neighbor, you see their face around but you don't quite know their name, you just know that they're your neighbor and that's it. This has got to be the worst way to find out that person is dead.

The range of emotions that Evin must've gone through. At first he probably just thought it was some sort of oil leak or something - literally anything besides blood. The matinence people didn't even know what it was. That would've been the indication that something was, in fact, fucky. 


Hearing that it was blood must've been some of the worst news ever. Blood is the last - and I mean LAST - thing I would've expected as well as the last thing I would want it to be. They tell me its blood and I immediately think I'm living some sort of horror movie. I'd be counting the days until some ax-wielding psycho kicks down my door.

I mean, how does that even leak through the floors like that? Just absolutely skin curling stuff made directly from my nightmares. Blood? Trickling down my wall? No thanks.

The craziest part about this whole thing is that they are still living there. I would've moved out the second the examiner finished saying the word blood. I physically could not continue to live in that place. I don't know a lot of things but I do know that blood is a sign of bad things to come. It's a big ole' sign that says "Hey Ethan, maybe you should move out of this horror movie and find a better apartment". Regardless of how long you've been there, how many memories you have there, you see that blood and you get the fuck out of there.

This is foreshadowing at its peak and I, for one, will not be around when the psycho murder comes running. I recommend our friend Evin here grabs all of his stuff and gets out of there. I've seen too many horror movies to know how this one ends. It's all fun and games until he wakes up being sawed in half by some murderer.