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You Ever See A Guy Throw A Ball With Such Raw Power That He Can't Stop Himself On The Follow Through? Here Ya Go

Laugh out loud funny. It's really been awhile since I've laughed that hard at a video on the internet. Tears of laughter streaming down my face. Falling like that is such a helpless feeling. You just can't quite get your legs under you and you look like an absolute maniac as it happens. What we learned is that guy might be a little too old to be firing up the engines like that. It's also been awhile, and likely never, since I've seen a display of raw power like that. So much raw power that he simply could stop himself on the follow through. Having that much raw power in one body is both a gift and a curse. The gift is that he can throw the ball a million miles per hour directly into the ground. The curse is that he can't stop the train once that thing starts moving and it causes him to go crashing head first into whatever gets in his way. You better get your ass off the tracks any time that fella decides to unleash the fury because he won't stop tumbling and bumbling until he goes crashing into something.

And for those asking, no that's not me. I had a few people tweet at me asking if I'm okay but it's not me. I wish that was me. Trust me, if that were me you would've seen me unleash that cannon long before today. It would've been the first thing I displayed upon getting hired at Barstool Sports dot com.