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Girl Scouts Are Posting Up Outside Of Weed Dispensaries To Sell Cookies In Chicago


It kind of makes me wonder why the hell they ever stood in front of grocery stores in the first place. I know weed just became legal this year, but there are plenty of places where they could've thrived from being close to the weed crowd. A White Castle drive thru is the first thing that comes to mind. I doubt their employees would give a fuck either because they've got enough to worry about bundling up those crave cases.

Of course there are people outraged at the parents for letting them do this, but fuck them. This is the real world and as far as I'm concerned these girls are learning a thing or two by doing this. I'm sure they will also be the first ones to get their badge or whatever the hell it is where someone will complain again. Hopefully they're ready for that and have the votes strung together to vote the kid/parent out of the damn troop if that's the case because I fully support these girls mission to sell their damn cookies.