British Soccer Fans Sneak Into Their Rivals Stadium And Drop A Massive Shit At The Center Of The Field

THIS LEAGUE - or something like that. I just assume this is standard hooligan behavior over there across the pond. I was a little shocked when I did a quick Barstool search to see no one has really blogged something like this before. I figured this was at least a once a year type blog. If you want to see the video and/or pictures of this - I can't stress this enough, you will be watching someone take a shit on a soccer field - here you go. I'll link them because not everyone wants to see legit shit. Click this for the video, click this for the picture

This is a hell of a move though. Here's what makes it tough. You have to break into the stadium knowing you are about to take a shit. I assume you plan this by eating things like pork or spicy food or dairy - whatever makes you shit. It's a race against time really. What if you hit a snag in getting into the stadium? Guess what, it's time to reset the clock. You're either shitting yourself or pooping outside the stadium which is just a weird move then. 

All I know is if you're the groundskeeper here you gotta fucking hate your job. I mean you probably hate your job already but here you go coming into work early in the morning to get the pitch ready and what do you see - a giant shit right in the middle of the field. That's gotta be a top-1 worst way to start your work day. The other thing is these dudes are fucking diabolical masterminds.