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Bill Gates Just Bought Himself A $644 MILLION Super Yacht

Source - Bill Gates has ordered the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht — a $644 million environmentally friendly oasis on the sea with its own infinity pool, helipad, spa and gym, according to reports.

The billionaire Microsoft co-founder — the second-richest person in the world — commissioned the 370-foot luxury “Aqua” yacht by pioneering Dutch design firm Sinot, The Telegraph reported.

How do you flex on the world's richest man? By buying a nearly three-quarters of a billion dollar hydrogen-powered super yacht right in his face, of course. Because make no mistake about it, that's what this is all about. Old Billy boy bought this for one reason and one reason only- to remind the world that while Bezos may currently be all the rage, he's the OG billionaire. He's been a member of the ten figure club since before Amazon was a glint in Bezos' eye. The year was 1987 and he was 31 years old. In other words, he's had plenty of time to practice spending his money and that's exactly what he's doing. His most notable purchase was his 66,0000 square foot house, but this yacht eclipses that. 

Here are the details. They read more like the command center for an evil empire than they do a luxury yacht, but I'm sure it'll be great regardless. How could it not be for $644 MILLION?

The vessel is powered by two 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks cooled to -423 degrees Fahrenheit and filled with liquid hydrogen — with the only emission being water, according to the report. It will reach a top speed of 17 knots and be able to cross the Atlantic, the report says.

While far from the world’s largest yacht, plans show extreme luxury for the 14 guests and 31 crew members that can be accommodated.

It includes its own fully equipped gym, yoga studio, beauty room, massage parlor and a stunning outdoor infinity pool.

Along with luxurious bedrooms, there are numerous outdoor lounges, a giant spiral staircase and an amazing observation room at the front.

Gates’ main motivation in commissioning the yacht, however, is to signal his backing for new, clean technology to cut carbon emissions, The Telegraph said.

He will not be able to enjoy it for a few more years, however, with the report saying “Aqua” will not be ready until 2024.

Keep in mind, that $644 million is his disposable incomeThat's his walk around money. He probably already forgot he spent it. My favorite part of this whole thing is that he's trying to make it about carbon emissions. LOL. Because nothing says 'save the environment' like four years of heavy construction on a ship the size of a football field

If you haven't seen his Netflix special yet, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, I highly recommend checking it out. It's a fascinating look into what makes him tick. Anyway, enjoy the new boat, Bill. Looks pretty sweet.