Don't Forget To Get In Your Pre-Oscars Yoga Sesh

I've never done yoga but I've considered it multiple times. It seems like something I should do in my old age with my brittle bones. Everything always hurts when I wake up. My neck and back especially, but my knees suck too. Pretty sure I have arthritis in 90% of my joints. So I've read a bunch about how yoga helps that. I've watched those videos about DDP Yoga, such as this one with over 55 million views, which are truly inspiring 

So maybe I'll add "do yoga" to "read a book" on my list of 2020 New Years resolutions. No promises, but it seems like it could only be beneficial to my life, right? That's what this year is all about, fellas. Making positive changes. Yoga? Sure. Let's go for it. Does this mean I need to wear yoga pants? They do sneaky look comfortable so I'm not opposed. 

So I'm not going to get in a pre-Oscars yoga sesh, but it is over a 4 hour show, so be sure to at least stretch. I've been staring at Seamless for the last 2 hours trying to decide what to order, so sort of the opposite of yoga if we're being honest. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Order some food, pour a glass of veeno, and enjoy Hollywood elite blowing each other from behind. To a happy and healthy week ahead.