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The VinDog Is In A Meme War With Pompous Dan Shaughnessy: Nighty Night, Dan

HAMMER DONT HURT EM! My god. I've been wondering and wondering who was gonna be the first poor sap to catch the internet hands of the Vindog after he joined Barstool. Little did I know that it would be the common enemy Dan Shaughnessy. Imagine being a complete buffoon like Dan here. Imagine being able, in 2014 no less, to have the insights of the Vindog while he's still in full-time teacher mode. The rest of us had to wait until 2019 to get a taste and buddy. Once the taste of the Vindog hits your lips, you belly up to the counter for more. You don't wave your fucking hand and say, "No Mas. No Mas, vindog." You say "Mas, por favor." At least that's what people with a brain do. 

Anyway, the Oscars are tonight but the first memes have been deployed. Pay close attention because another strike could happen at any moment. Head on a swivel, folks.