It Appears That The XFL Has Its Own Brand Of Bills Mafia

When Vince McMahon decided to get his ass back into football business, he didn't just give players and coaches another avenue to live out their dream after the NFL shut them out. Vinnie Mac also gave maniacs that want to drink a zillion beers and launch themselves through tables outside of the 20 or so weeks of the NFL season, even if they clearly need to put it some more work to get to the Big Leagues.

It seems like the XFL left some of the *monster truck announcer voice* Xtreeeeeeeme  in XFL 1.0 for more focus on football. But if they want to spruce things up, they should throw that X into the fans that are looking to fuck themselves up in the name of #sports. That sorry son of a bitch shouldn't be jumping through his own personal table from Costco that his wife is going to yell at him for breaking. He should be jumping through a WWE-licensed table that breaks perfectly every time that also happens to be the perfect conductor for gasoline and fire. Hell, there is no reason that this Zubaz wearing gent with tattered ass boots couldn't have been thrown powerbombed that table by The Undertaker or The Dudley Boyz all in the name of the XFL. Vince McMahon has long been seen as an innovator of entertainment. It's time he shows it one more time by embracing the crazy fucks we call football fans. After all, fans is short for fanatics. People forget that.

Also, after years of being at odds about who is the "real" New York football team, it warms my soul to see the good folks in Bills Mafia, the Big Blue Crew, and Gang Green unite for the common good of rooting for the only New York football game in town this week as well as having a reason to get fucked up the week after the Super Bowl. I wish I could participate in this joyous occasion, especially for a team named The Guardians that lends itself to countless Guardians of the Galaxy references. But I cannot get behind a team that allowed a squid to take a shot at one of my guys, let alone Mr. 35. #somethings

h/t Nick