PSA: The Drake Curse Died When The Raptors Won The Title

This video keeps getting tweeted at me and if I could be frank it's quite rude. There's way too much negative energy on the timeline these days. I understand the Astros, Red Sox, and Mets have all had offseasons from hell, but there's no need to project your anger towards my favorite team.

Now normally I would be terrified that Drake was rocking a Yankees jacket given how much of a curse that man is, but if you wind back the clock to last summer you'll remember that the curse ended. 

The Raptors won it all last year. There is no longer a Drake Curse.  Anyone bringing this up or getting worried is just misinformed. Thank you Kawhi. 

P.S. Has anyone regretted something more than Drake filming this video in the projects? Aubrey was shaking in his boots for that entire clip.