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BYU's Mascot Is The Best Athlete In All Of Sports Right Now - This Dunk Continues To Prove It

I have a confession here. I'm obsessed with Cosmo the Cougar. It might be the most electrifying mascot in the game while 100% being the most athletic. Who cares about all the weird rules on campus, gimme all of Cosmo the Cougar videos. It all started with his dancing: 

But now this? This guy (or gal) is a 5-star athlete, no bones about it. I'll get back to Cosmo in a second. But how about the liftoff crew? Simply an outrageous toss from that group of fellas. You had to not only have the power to launch but you have to time it all up right perfectly. That might be the biggest story if it wasn't Cosmo. 

Hang that in a museum. Not only does Cosmo have impeccable mitts, he is able to finish the dunk. Stuck the landing too.