Duke's Dean Sat On A Bench In The Quad Last Night So Students Couldn't Burn It ... They Offered Her White Claw And Vodka Instead

[Source] - Students dragged the bench for Sherwood House onto the quad, but Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek planted herself atop the bench for around 45 minutes to prevent students from lighting it on fire. As students chanted at Wasiolek, others attempted to give her a handle of vodka and White Claws, which she declined to drink. Some students also approached the bench with lighters and a small blowtorch, but did not set it aflame.

This is exactly why college sports are the best. You're not running to a quad to burn a bench after a Celtics/Lakers regular season game or a Yankees/Sox game. No, you're thrilled, maybe give a fist pump and then go about your day. But in college you burn shit - most notably at West Virginia - but also at Duke after beating UNC. And you know what else? It has to be AWFUL to be a Dean. I just picture Ari Gold in Old School as the Dean, but that's how it is. You are dealing with shithead kids day after day after day. You think they care about some permit that likely will cost Duke a hefty fine if they start burning shit? Nope. That's what college is all about - not having a care in the world about money or laws or anything really. 

"What I didn't want to have happen is any students get in trouble by burning the bench," she said. "It's not a matter of whether we could have controlled it and tried as best we could to make it safe, but it's illegal. It's against the law. I'm not sure students understand that. I don't mean that in a condescending way, but the law is very clear."

This dean was relentless too. Just sitting on the bench, lighters and blowtorches coming asa people want her to start drinking. Do you know how quick every single person would say yes to a pull of vodka or a White Claw sitting on a bench preventing it from burning? Less than one second I'd say. 

"Someone handed me some vodka, some White Claw," she said. "This is not an appropriate time or place for me to be consuming alcohol, frankly. There's a time and a place, but this wasn't it."

Really missed a great chance to be the cool dean if you ask me. You take a White Claw and sip on it and you can still prevent a bench burning while being the cool dean. I do love the idea of a student just wandering up to her giving this away. College sports man. Nothing like it.