Dominick Reyes Put Up A Phenomenal Fight, But Jon Jones* Is Still Our UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

I wasn't particularly excited for our Jon Jones (c) vs Dominick Reyes main event in the build to UFC 247. 

As you all know, I'm the biggest Jones "Bones" Jones hater around - and I was dead-set on my prediction that he'd coast his way to a boring decision victory over challenger Dominick Reyes (similar to his title defense over Anthony Smith last year, or return fight versus Ovince Saint Preux years ago). Clearly, though, if you just watched that fight, you'd know just how wrong my prediction was. I'll never underestimate Dominick Reyes again!

"The Devastator" took it to the champ for three straight rounds, putting him on the retreat constantly, and in my opinion, handily won the first and second due to his relentless pressure. Jones never faltered very much, but was definitely faced with the toughest rounds he's seen since in quite some time, and it was obvious.

As the fight continued, however, Reyes' gas tank began to drain, and Jones started opening up and showing glimpses of the greatness we've come to know from him, but neither man did enough for a finish - leaving this one up to the Texas judges, who were a bit sketchy all night.

Personally, I had Reyes winning 48-47, but by no means would I call the eventual Jones victory a "robbery" - this was a razor thin decision that likely came down to how the judges scored the third round.

Now that being said, one of the judges had this thing 4-1 Jones, and that is re-moronic.

Gotta beat the Champ to be the Champ though, and that's coming from the biggest Jones hater around, like I said. I'm cool with it, even still, because when he's eventually dethroned (and he will soon be dethroned) I want it to be a massive, decisive moment. 


Think about Holly Holm head kick KOing Ronda Rousey, or Chris Weidman catching Anderson Silva clowning him - or even, as much as it pains me to say - Nate Diaz choking out McGregor. These are iconic moments in MMA history. Reyes winning the decision tonight could've robbed us of one of these moments featuring Jones, and that's how I'm looking at it. 

Plus, I'm just stoked we got an exciting fight out of a main event I had very low expectations for.

I'm not sure what Jones does from here. Joe Rogan just said on SportsCenter that he would like to see an immediate Dominick Reyes rematch for the Champ, but I can't see Dana White or Jon Jones loving the sound of that. 

I'd like to see him move right up to heavyweight and challenge the winner of Francis Ngannou/Jairzinho Rozenstruik while he waits for Stipe Miocic to finish up his trilogy with Daniel Cormier. If Jones and DC both win those fights, maybe you convince Cormier to stick around for another fight. Who knows.