Timberwolves Basketball! Catch The Fever!



Part of me saw this and kinda thought it was bullshit. I mean you got Ricky Rubio and Andrew Wiggins. Its not like you’re completely devoid of talent. You’re gonna see some entertaining basketball. Its not like you’re the Magic or the Sixers or something.

But then I really gave some thought to being a legit Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Thats gotta be the biggest waste of time in all of sports, right? Like I’d rather be me and root for the Mets/Jets/Knicks/Isles than be a Timberwolves fan. They will legitimately never, ever win a title. Not a single NBA player will ever stay in Minnesota. Kevin Garnett was an absolute saint for wasting the prime of his career in that wasteland. Every dude will leave that city the millisecond they are a free agent.

So I guess yea, it makes sense. Just leaving your T’Wolves tickets around town because you’re too lazy to rip them up sounds about right.