Adam Sandler Says "Let Those Douche Bags" Have Their Oscars

What an absolute fucking legend.

Good for Adam Sandler getting a little recognition for 'Uncut Gems' on Oscars weekend. I don't think he had the best performance of the year, but he deserved a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars and it is a damn shame he isn't even going even be at the award show now! Imagine this beautiful mustache on the red carpet?

Maybe Sandler's problem is that he stopped showing up to events looking like this?

Maybe the Oscars wanted him back on his bullshit?

'Uncut Gems' is one of my favorite and "top" movies of the year and not just because of Sandler's performance, but it certainly helped. The movie was pure fucking chaos but in the most interesting and engaging way possible. I understand that some people don't like the movie or the plot and that's totally fine. (Personally, I really don't need some sort of big, heavy plot... give me an interesting story, good script and fleshed-out characters and I am happy) But I really love 'Uncut Gems' and wish it was set to get more shine at the Oscars.

What a visual treat this movie was to look at. It's beautiful in a frantic and unsettling way.

Here's to you, Adam Sandler. We'll see you at the Oscars some other year, and I'll bring the beers… I'll bring the beers.