The DC Defenders Need To Cut Shitty Kicker Ty Rausa And Sign Mr. 35 PFT Right This Instant

Update: ignore the 55 yarder he just hit before reading this blog

Ty Rausa thought he was hot shit after his 34 yard made field goal to open up the scoring in XFL history. That should've been my colleague PFT and I'm furious it wasn't. When asked to crank it up to 35 yards Rausa cowered in fear. Dude couldn't handle the moment. 

If the DC Defenders have an ounce of intelligence and integrity they'll hire Mr. 35 right now and give America what it deserves. It's a no brainer. We don't need Ty Rausa out here shanking 35 yarders and costing us a DC 1st half cover. 

P.S. Interviewing players right after they fuck up is an awesome idea.