Scumbag Alex Bregman Alluded To All Of The Astros Cheating In His Interview With Starting 9 After The 2017 World Series

Well then what do we have here? Alex Bregman pretty much talking about "Codebreaker" and the "Dark Arts" openly in this Starting interview with his best pal Jared Carrabis and Dallas Braden. Dallas even calls him out for cheating mid interview! Might be the only time I've liked Dallas. Bregman talks about how the Astros have the best video system in the big leagues. Well yeah because you devised a cheating scheme through it so you could know every pitch that was coming, at home and on the road. Yep, best video system ever my asshole. He also talks about how instrumental Beltran was to everyone and how he helped with picking up signs. 

What an interview. It was all out there for everyone and we just didn't put two and two together. Goddamit. 

Full episode here