Kemba Walker Is About To Give Marvin Williams A Stern Talking To

So earlier tonight Shams dropped the mini bomb that Marvin Williams was about to get bought out from the Hornets. Not all that surprising considering the Hornets aren't going anywhere, and at 33 Williams clearly wants to find a contender. He's only playing 19 minutes a night and the Hornets are going younger so it makes sense all around. Once the news broke everyone figured he was going to find his way to a contender whether that be the Lakers, Celtics, Rockets, etc. He's a guy who is shooting 44/37% from the floor with 1.1 3PM a night and can play the 3 or 4 as nice bench depth. Certainly someone who could play a role on a team looking to go deep.

And then we learned he was going to the Bucks and we all had the same reaction as Kemba. God dammit. You can see the surprise on Kemba's face, and we now know why 

But once Shams hit send on this tweet 

We learned that the unstoppable force that has been the 2019-20 Milwaukee Bucks is probably getting one of the best buyout market options that will become available. As if they needed any more. They stood pat at the deadline and swooped in with a move that has more impact than some of the trades we saw other contenders make. All that work Kemba had put in was for nothing. And make no mistake, recruiting is a big time part of being the starting point guard of the Boston Celtics. The legends pull it off

the frauds don't


and so far this now makes Kemba 0-1. He's gotta come through now during All Star Weekend. 

Fucking Bucks, enough already.


Celts now at 36-15, won 6 in a row and 9 of 10. Marvin just made a mistake.