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It Is With A Heavy Heart That I Must Report That The Good People Of Philadelphia Are Booing Al Horford

If there's one thing I know about the good people of Philadelphia it's that they are fair. And honest, almost to a fault. Philly is a blue collar town with a blue collar work ethic and they like that to reflect in their sports teams. It's why the Underdog Eagles of two years ago stole their hearts and cauterized the city. If you show up, work hard, and do your job, the fine folks of Philly will laud your efforts win or lose. Which means if they're already breaking out the boo birds for Al Horford something must be amiss. He must not be carrying his own weight on the parquet night in, night out for his own fan base to be turning on him halfway through the first year of a four year deal the day after the traded deadline. 

I know I'll be accused of doing a sarcasm here, which is entirely unfair considering that I noted in the headline of this blog I am writing you with a heavy heart. Which one could argue is because I'm fat and have high cholesterol, therefor I am always writing with a heavy heart. The doctors are concerned. But also, mostly, because this is news I truly hate to hear. And it has ruined my Friday night, and likely the rest of my nights until something has been done about this. Al Horford is easily the nicest human being to be booed on this or any other forum, and whether deserved with his terrible play or not that's something no one should have to live through.