What Do You Do When Your Plane Is Forced To Make An Emergency Landing And The Oxygen Masks Come Down? Take A Selife!

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What a world we live in nowadays where something like this can exist.  The scariest moment of a guy’s life and his first thought is, well I have to take a selfie.  Say what now?  This guy is everything I’m not when it comes to planes and flying in them.  I’m the biggest pussy in the world on airplanes.  Hate it.  All I do is sweat.  Like is this guy fucking kidding?  No way would I be calm enough, or probably even conscious, to take a selfie as my plane was making an emergency landing/hurdling towards the ground.  I’d be too worried thinking about how much I love my Mom and how much I hate planes.  As soon as the flight attendant came on the intercom and said the words, “We have to make an emergency landing” I would’ve passed out or had a heart attack or both.  No doubt about it.  Those masks thingys falling in front of my face is my worst nightmare.  Not even kidding.  I’ve legitimately had nightmares where my plane is crashing and I’m staring into the face of one of those yellow masks.  It’s awful.