Woman Gives Birth To Dwarf Baby After Having Sex With A Midget On Her Bachelorette Party

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Daily Mail – A bride-to-be became pregnant after having sex with a dwarf stripper on her hen night, it has been claimed. The woman had to confess to cheating on her husband with the adult entertainer earlier this year after giving birth to a baby with dwarfism at a hospital in Valencia, Spain, it was reported. It is alleged that the woman’s husband believed the child was his until it was born. Neither the couple nor the hospital have been named.  Spanish news website Las Cinco del Dia (The Daily Five), which broke the story, said: ‘Neither her closest female friends nor her family knew she had had sex with the dwarf stripper. ‘But once she had her son in her arms, she broke down and confessed what had happened. As you can imagine no-one that sleeps with a stripper at her hen night broadcasts it, or at least they try to take their secret to the grave. A Spaniard working as a dwarf stripper, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘I know colleagues working out of Valencia but I’m not aware of any of them getting involved in something like this. ‘They’re mostly men in their forties and fifties and who’s going to want to sleep with a man that age. There must be about ten of us doing this line of work in Spain.  ‘More often than not it’s a joke thing and the women are very shy and don’t even want you to touch them. You often go along with a normal stripper who blindfolds the woman and then you take his place and pretend it’s him that’s still dancing.  ‘You take the blindfold off, congratulate her and go. At most you sometimes get asked to stay behind and have your picture taken with the bride-to-be. I’m astonished at the idea someone’s fallen pregnant like this and the woman has managed to keep it a secret even from her closest friends.

Chicks are so dumb. If I ever had a dwarf baby I dont think my first reaction would be “You fucked a dwarf! You slut!” I think I’d just be like “Well fuck, this sucks. We got a midget baby.” Its not like the baby popped out black or Asian or something and you know for a fact she fucked another guy. Like as unlikely as it is, 2 normal people can have a dwarf kid. The idiot confessed for nothing. She coulda just been like “Wow what are the chances,” not “I’m sorry I fucked a Spaniard midget on my bachelorette party!” Kinda shot yourself in the foot on that one, babe.

Talk about dodging a bullet for the guy in this situation though. If she keeps her mouth shut, he goes on to marry a chick who fucks midget strippers and raise a dwarf baby that isnt his. Now she confesses and he can just bounce on the whole situation. Wash your hands of that whole messy, dwarfy situation. Finding out your fiance is a midget fucker and learning youre no longer on the hook for the kid is a new lease on life, man. That dude is about to go on a tear.


PS – Seriously though have some self respect. Chicks – especially bachelorettes – can fuck literally whoever they want. Why stoop to the level of midget strippers? Unless you’re just really kinky and into that stuff. To each their own.