Taking You Into The Weekend With The Best Plays From January

It's been a long, exhausting week. The first week after the Super Bowl, maybe it's just me but you combine that with the NBA trade deadline and it feels like this week has taken 2 months to get through. So much stress, so many late nights, so many false alarm Twitter notification phone vibrations that made your heart skip even though it was nothing more than Woj or Shams promoting their podcasts or whatever and not announcing trades. We've all had a week. Which is why it's time to turn to the highlights to get everyone over the finish line and into the weekend. Luckily for us January was filled with great plays and there's nothing better than a good 25 minute video to mindlessly watch. Beats staring at the clock that's for damn sure. So go ahead and hit play and it'll be quittin time before ya know it.

Have a great weekend everybody!