Geno Smith Is A Heartless, Gutless Bum UPDATED With Full Quote

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Geno Smith was never going to make it in the NFL because he’s strictly just not physically good enough. Hes just a bad quarterback. He isn’t mentally or physically capable of playing the game at a professional level.

But beyond that he’s proven to be such a mental midget. The going got tough for Geno Smith and the Jets this year and he just folded like a house of cards. Completely gave up. Let the fans get to him, let the media get to him, and consistently took steps backwards each week. And now you see a quote like this about how he didnt even react to losing his job and you realize just how heartless he really was. I guess there really was a reason every team passed on him. I guess there really was a reason he slipped to the second round. The guy doesnt only lack the arm and the mind for the position but he clearly lacks the heart too.

Say what you want about Sanchez but the guy stood there like a man each week for several seasons and took his beating. Always said the right things, always stood by his teammates. Even when his coach and management were treating him like shit he never blamed anybody else. I’m not one of these guys preaching this “Sanchez would be better!” rhetoric because I remember just how bad things got on the field with Sanchez under center. It was just as bad as yesterday’s Geno disaster. But I will say if Sanchez was still a Jet you wouldnt be hearing “I just went about my day” quotes. He wouldn’t be saying he had no reaction to losing his job and letting down his team and his fans. I mean I hate to judge guys based on media quotes but this right here is pretty telling. Geno Smith is a bum and its like he doesnt even care who knows it. Good riddance man, I hope I never have to see you in a Jets uniform again.

I probably will but I wish I didnt.


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I guess this is kinda the danger with Twitter and multiple beat reporters all transcribing quotes and reactions. Rich Cimini is usually pretty reliable but it looks like he didnt really paint the full picture on this one. I’d expect that from Manish but not Rich. I’m sure if you read the full quote from Geno its a little bit of both but it sounds like there was definitely some more professionalism than “I just went about my day.” Just generic, lip service bullshit. But better than “I had no reaction.” I still dont think Geno has really shown the mental fortitude to get it done in the NFL but my initial reaction based off of Cimini’s tweet was way too harsh. Sorry Geno! You still stink but I’m sorry!