Bills Fan Gets Knocked Out Cold, Slumped Over The Seats At Yesterday's Jets Game

Just a nasty, nasty KO from yesterday’s shitshow of a game. I guess the question is would you rather be this Bills fan from yesterday or a Jets fan? He physically, literally got cold cocked, knocked unconscious, slumped over the seats with his butt crack hanging out. Jets fans were figurative and metaphorically raped, emasculated, and embarrassed yesterday. Just accosted and assaulted all afternoon until the entire world was laughing at us. So who’s the real loser here? I think if I could go back in time and I was given the choice of getting knocked out like this Bills fan or endure the 6 turnovers from Geno Smith and Mike Vick, I’d take the knock out.

So while I’m sure that Jets fans thinks he’s all tough and bad ass for one punching that dude, guess what pal? The joke’s on us.