Brazil Fan Hulk Smashes His TV In The Street After Yesterday's Loss


Big fan of this guy and what he’s all about.  There’s something about a guy going, “I’m so mad about what I just watched on my TV that I’m going to smash it on the street outside my house” that makes me smile.  There’s something simplistic about it.  I picture this guy living his life like this all the time.  When an appliance does something he doesn’t like, he smashes the shit out of it.  TV shows your favorite soccer team getting obliterated by a bunch of damn Germans?  Smash it.  Toaster burns your toast?  Smash it.  Microwave starts a fire after you stupidly put tin foil in it again?  Smash it.    Oven burns your frozen pizza?  Fucking smash it.  Some people take anger management classes and pretend to get better.  Other people smash appliances that upset them, get a workout in the process and live a better life.  Instant gratification and get in shape.  More people need to live like TV smasher guy.

PS- Pretty nuts to hear explosions going on in the background.  Nobody riots like Brazil riots.