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There Is A Chance The Jamaican Bobsled Song Is The Best Reggae Song Ever Made



YoutubeSong by Sidney Mills & Jon Notar, and Groove Guild. Download the Bobsled Song at BobsledSong.com and press play the exact moment our Jamaican Bobsled Team begins their big race this Sunday. You’ll be amazed how the song syncs perfectly with the rhythms of the bobsled track itself.First heat starts this Sunday 11:15AM EST, 2/16. Get more details via Twitter @JAMBOBSLED



Fire jam plain and simple.   And the best part is that this song is supposed to actually sync up to match their run.  So you pres play when they start at the top and it ends when they finish.  Listen I don’t know who is doing the marketing over there in Jamaica but they are brilliant.


“On this Freezing night watch Jamaica Slide on by…It’s Bobsled time!”


PS – This chick is such a minx I can’t stand.  No chance she doesn’t end up on Mike in Brazil.