Is It Fair If Whitesoxdave Backs Out Of Another Bet?

Throughout football season on Red Line Radio we had our Pointsbet segment framed around us drawing a new team each month to bet on against the spread. Whichever team had the worst record had to do a shitty punishment. Whitesoxdave lost one month, Chief lost one month, and I lost one month.

Dave lost first and his punishment was that he had to go to two Windy City Bulls games. Chief lost second and his punishment is that he has to cook a tur-duck-in with Dave. Then I lost last and I have to take a Peoria Charter to Peoria and then head back right when I get there.

WSD still has not held up his end of the bargain though (he lost first) so Chief and I are boycotting our punishment until Dave fulfills his. He committed to going tonight a month ago, but now he's trying to use a technicality that since Penn bought us the bet is now voided. His best argument for why it's null and void is he's comparing it to owing a tow truck driver money, but the tow truck driver has now died*.

Does that even make sense? Should he be let off the hook?

If he misses we already said that he may be facing suspension from the podcast, but he says we can't do that. His other option would be a battle with Portnoy on Barstool Radio which I doubt he'd want to do so I think he should just go to the damn game.

*I obviously wanted to make a different comparison, but I'm not allowed to so take the hint.