"We'll Never See Steph In Another NBA Finals Again. Ever." - Well Nick Wright Just Guaranteed The Warriors Dynasty Will Continue Forever

Hey Nick Wright, what the hell man. What on God's green earth are you doing? Ever seen a championship DVD before? Because what you just did was give the Warriors the perfect clip to start it off. I can understand getting your jokes in THIS season since the Warriors are the worst team in the league, all of us on the internet are doing that because it's been our only chance in the last like 5 years to get any sort of jokes off outside of some old 3-1 lead jokes. But guess what, like you said all these dudes are coming back. All of the sudden being 30 is old? The dig on Klay being 30 and Steph "32 when he gets back" means nothing. You know why? They have put on basically zero NBA miles this season. I'm pretty sure he doesn't share the same feelings about his lord and savior LeBron being 35. Or that Paul George will be 30 next year. James Harden will be 31 next year and Westbrook will be 32. The idea that the Warriors dynasty is "over" in large part because of these dude's ages is utterly preposterous. 

I will say though, this is very on brand for him. There are a few things you can take to the bank. Nick Wright will always hate on the Celtics and Warriors no matter what. He can't help himself. Then he'll always spin whatever he can to be pro-LeBron. It's his formula. Remember, this exists

Now with the whole Wiggins thing. Is he "bad"? That's a complicated topic. He certainly didn't fill the star role the Timberwolves needed him to be. A high volume scorer that never really improved all that much. What that franchise needed him to do he either could not do or wasn't willing to improve enough to make it happen. But on this team? Well let Steve Kerr explain

I think this is key to the whole thing. His role in GS is going to be drastically different. Everyone usually gets the GS bump anyways when they join that team at full strength so in theory Wiggins should get that as well. Is it maybe a little expensive to pay that kind of price for someone who isn't a star player or #1 option? Perhaps, but that's the market in today's NBA. I think it's premature to just assume it can't work in GS because he underachieved in MIN. That's what MIN does. 

I'm just bullshit because whatever slim chance we had that maybe this was the end of the Warriors Dynasty, Nick Wright just blew that all up. I think we can fully expect them to be the same old dominant GS team we've all hated for the last 5 years as a result of these statements. I don't care if he hates GS, he should have kept his mouth shut because now he fucked it up for everyone else. What a dickhead.