10 Foreign-Language Films You Can Stream Right Now

On the last episode of LCB, we ranked our favorite movie siblings. 2 of mine were from foreign films, and a had a few people tweeting me about the picks and asking for more recommendations. Well I did a little scouring on streaming sites and found some picks for you guys to watch. Note: There is obviously of other really good foreign movies that are avail to rent, but this is strictly ones avail to stream. 

1. Ip Man - Netflix

Ip Man is one of the coolest martial arts movies I've ever seen. The actual martial artist it's based off of is rad as hell, having trained a ton of legends including Bruce Lee. It gets a little corny at times, but you watch for the action, not the dialogue. 

2. City of God - Netflix 

'City of God' is one of the best, if not THE best, foreign movies ever.  All you want to do is look away as this kid is sucked into a life of crime, but you can't because all you want is to hopefully see a happy ending. Man, what a gut punch of a film.  

3. Train to Busan - Netflix

Maybe one of my favorite zombie movies ever, it's a must-watch for fans of the genre. Great fight choreography, interesting characters and fantastic pacing. 

4. Main Hoon Na - Netflix

This is a really fucking goofy and corny movie, but it's also very endearing. There is plenty of laughs and it's almost like a 21 Jump Street style action-comedy.

5. Roma - Netflix 

I shouldn't have to hype this up much. I'll let the 50 billion oscars speak for themselves. 

6. Y Tu Mamá También - Netflix 

Back-to-back Alfonso Cuarón movies here and with good reason. It's fucking awesome and enrapturing, like all of Cuarón movies. 

7. Kung Fu Hustle - Netflix 


'Kung Fu Hustle' is maybe my favorite foreign comedy. The problem with international comedies is that they don't always register with Western audiences. That said, Director/star Stephen Chow proved he knows how to appeal to his Chinese base AND western audiences with this movie and 'Shaolin Soccer'.

8. Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Hulu 

This is one of my all time favorite documentaries. It's not often you get to see someone who is an absolute and total master of their craft at work. It's a weird but extremely pleasing experience to watch. 

9. The Handmaiden - Amazon Prime Video

As a warning, this is pretty much NSFW. The actual drama is great, but be warned it is very decadent and possibly TOO erotic. 

10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Netflix 

I mean, this is must-watch. Besides the western critical acclaim, it's independently amazing for regular audience members.