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Judge Rules Chick Can Keep Her Engagement Ring After Dumping Her Boyfriend


NY Post –  If you like it, fellas, you should put a ring on it — but remember to actually pop the question first. A judge has ruled a Long Island woman who broke up with her boyfriend can keep a $10,200 “engagement” ring because her paramour didn’t make a marriage proposal when he handed over the pricey gift. Unlucky loverboy Joseph Robert Torres, of Yonkers, went to court to snatch back the ring from former gal pal Debbie Lopez, citing a law that lets men retrieve their engagement rings if their wedding plans go bust. He claimed he proposed to the Valley Stream brunette in an emotional April 2010 moment at Rockefeller Center, when he had the couple’s 6-year-old son hand her the ring. Lopez, 48, wore it on her left ring finger and even told friends “Maybe, I don’t know yet,” when asked if she was engaged, according to court records. But after the couple split in 2012, Lopez refused to give up her pricy hardware without a fight. She claimed she didn’t have to surrender the ring because Torres, 52, didn’t actually propose marriage when he gave it to her. “When he gave it to me, he said it was a gift for being a great woman, a good mother of his child,” Lopez told The Post. The case went before Nassau County Judge Scott Fairgrieve, who ruled that Lopez was not bound by the law requiring women to return engagement rings because it was “given as a gift and not in contemplation of marriage,” according to an Oct. 14 ruling. Torres’ White Plains-based attorney, Jasmine Hernandez, said her client was “stunned and disappointed” by the ruling because he though he was getting engaged. “He asked [her] to marry him, and the defendant said absolutely,” Hernandez stated in court papers. Lopez said she was also surprised that her son’s father fought so hard for the ring. “Our relationship didn’t work out, [and] he decided to sue me for the ring,” she said. “I’m like, I don’t understand this, the whole idea was I didn’t want to bother with the ring.”

Yo. FUCK this chick. This is the scummiest, grimiest move ever. You wanna dump this guy? Go for it. Go nuts. I don’t care if he’s the father of your child. I dont care if you’re standing on the altar. When you get the feeling that you need to pull the rip cord on a relationship, you have every right to do that. But you do NOT get to keep that ring you greedy, selfish motherfucker. You were at Roc Center. The 6 year old son gave you the ring. You wore it on your left finger as an engagement ring. Its a fucking engagement ring. And really, the story here is that even if it wasn’t an engagement ring – even if there’s some fucking made up ring loophole in the justice system – you gotta be a grade A loser to keep that ring afterwards. Have some pride. If the tables were turned I’d give that ring back so fast strictly because I wouldn’t want to be known as the cheap as weasel who dumped someone and kept their $10,000 ring. I’m giving that back strictly based on principal. Not only is it weird that every time someone asks you about the rock on your finger you have to explain you basically stole it from your ex, but its also all about keeping up your reputation. You’ve just got no self respect if you keep that shit.

PS – LOVE this dude doing the Hokey Pokey on his proposal. He’s got one foot in, one foot out. You gave her the ring, but you never really gave her the ring. Didn’t get down on one knee and technically the kid gave it to her. Told her she was a great woman and a great mother, never really said “will you marry me?” Just the ultimate non-committal I’m proposing without actually proposing move. Just complete, total, utter appeasement of the girlfriend. I guess thats how you end up losing your $10,000 investment though.