Indian Airport Worker Has To Dress Up As A Bear To Chase Literal Monkeys


Welcome to Ahmedabad's Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport, where officials have taken to scaring away langurs, should we call it a scare-bear?

One thing's for sure -- the man chasing the nimble-footed critters won't get anywhere near them. Just look at 'em go.

The airport director, Manoj Gangal, explains.

The "experiment" began a week ago, he says, when one staff member wore a bear costume and tried to scare away the monkeys. Success.

And they've been doing it ever since.

This video has left me with only one question.

Where do I sign up? This shit looks awesome. You mean to tell me that some ordinary airport employee got to take a break from their normal job to chase monkeys? All while wearing a bear suit? Count me in. I'd be out there running my fucking ass off if it meant I could be anything other than my normal job. 

I will say though, it's all fun and game until that worker rolls an ankle. The monkeys would notice immediately and take advantage.

"Ooooo ooo weee ahh ahh" (translation: "get his phony ass")

And at that point, you'd have to just sit back and call it a life. They know you're not a bear. They know you're vulnerable.

Those little bastards are gonna come back with a Planet of the Apes type vengeance and your face skin is as good as theirs. They'll peel that shit right off.

The video also raises a different question. The question being... why? Why do this? Why not call some sort of animal control if it's really that big of a problem? Just overall a pretty wild move to go out and just chase monkeys away all day. It'd be one thing if it was super-secret, no one can know type thing but no, instead it's all over the internet. You know, maybe don't let the entire world point and laugh at you. It made for a good video though and as we all know, it's all about the clicks.