Woman In 'Feeder' Relationship Eating 10,000 Calories Per Day To Reach 600LBs Before Wedding

Ah, love!

From the Daily Mail

A morbidly obese woman who eats up to 10,000 calories a day, has revealed she's marrying the man who encourages her weight gain.

Jessica Wilson, 26, from West Chester, Pennsylvania, who currently weighs 450lbs aspires to tip scales at 600lbs.

She met Eric Buddenhagen, 34, while searching online for someone to become her 'feeder'. He was interested in finding a 'larger woman that he could overfeed'.

The pair met for their first date in August 2019 and ate pizza, watched movies and played video games together as Jessica revealed to him that she wants to pile on a further 140lbs to reach her 'goal weight' of 600lbs. 

Just one month later the happy couple were having regular 'stuffing' days, in which Jessica consumes up to 10,000 calories with Eric's encouragement.

The customer service manager who weighs 190lbs, proposed in December by hiding a ring in an ice-cream sundae.

Live look at me judging the shit out of this article as if I were a beacon of healthy choices:

I've gone down a lot of rabbit holes from furries & bronies to nudists to silicone testicle inflation, but this one was new to me... Feeders & feedees? Naturally, I dug in like a feedee with a KFC Famous Bowl... Here's what I found:

-There are whole communities based around this fetish, and those communities are facilitated by sites like Feabie (a social network and dating site for feeders, feedees, fat admirers and *BBW/BHM) and Fantasy Feeder which has more of a Reddit type vibe. *I do not know what BBW/BHM is and am afraid to google it on my work computer because I'm writing this in a little room on the business floor and don't want to scandalize anyone walking by. 

-You can make $$$ to gain weight. Some feeders are so into it they'll set weight gain goals for their feedee & pay out when they hit the mark. 

-Other fetishes within feeder communities include button popping, food play, breast growth, and stretch marks among other things. 

-According to the Feabie site, the cities with the most participants on their app are New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Boston, Philly, Columbus, & San Diego. Philly feabies... I get it... cheesesteak grease dribbling down into a cavernous cleavage... 

-The numbers seem to be overwhelmingly men as the feeders, women as the feedees. 

I'm a pretty open minded lady & I don't #KinkShame.. I'm normally just here to go "whoaaaa! not for me but you do you!".. but I don't know… it doesn't seem right to me that one person gets off on another person getting morbidly obese??? The power dynamic turns people on because the obese person (feedee) could eventually become totally reliant on the feeder because they might not be able to move…. I mean, they could legit die from this lifestyle in the long run. Mentally there's a lot to unpack there.  

In other news, I have an announcement to make. Between the last paragraph & here I have done a 180 & have decided to become a 'feedee'. 

33/F seeking a 33 - 43/M feeder to come over every Sunday when I'm hungover. You need to bring the following items which you will pay for yourself: 

-Family sized bag of Peanut MnMs

-Garlic knots w/ extra marinara for dipping

-Breyers mint choco chip ice cream

-2 Spicy McChickens w/ extra mayo

-Case of Diet Coke

-Several yellow Gatorades

-Bacon egg & cheese on a kaiser roll w/ salt, pepper, ketchup, hot sauce

-Double fried cajun hot wings w/ side of bleu cheese 

-Very saucy penne a-la vodka w/ thinly sliced grilled chicken strips

-Entenmann's chocolate donuts

-Coffee milkshake

-Herr's Old Bay cheese curls

-Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats (for my son, Spork)

You will need to lay all that food out on my various TV trays and feed me whatever I point on as I lounge on my hand-me-down La-Z-Boy & hate-watch that new Gwyneth Paltrow Goop show. Please also bring a roll of paper towels & have a lint roller + the hand held Dirt Devil ready for crumb control. If I finish the list I get an additional $1000. Please DM.