Nolan Arenado Going To The White Sox, Per This TOTALLY (not) CREDIBLE Twitter Account


I REALLY don't want to address this but everyone and their mother is DMing it to me, emailing me asking about it, blah blah blah.  Twitter has a character limit though, so I'm going to address it via weblog.

Look, nobody on earth wants this to happen more than me for a few reasons.  

1. The White Sox lineup would be fucking loaded and
2. I could shove it down Cubs fans' throats who thought there might be a KB for NA trade straight up last week

Nonetheless, this is by far and away the worst part of MLB's offseason.  Fans are desperate for news regarding their favorite teams and they sit in their cubes or on their couch refreshing Twitter and searching the depths of the internet for whatever keywords that might lead them to a rumor they can speculate on.

Now this dude apparently nailed the Betts trade a day or so before it went down.  


Good for him.  More than likely a blind squirrel finding an acorn type deal though.  That said, people who spend every waking hour searching for rumors like this specific Nolan Arendado trade are going to stress themselves out way too much.  Wait for Rosenthal, Heyman, or Passan or local media beats to report any sort of rumor.  THAT IS IT.  Stop letting random accounts like MLB Intel affect your day and please god stop DMing me asking if it's true.   That space is reserved for 6's I will inevitably try to seduce with my witty charm.  

Steve Stone said it best:

I'm sorry I had to waste precious internet space on this topic.  Carryon with your days.