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US Silver Medalist Gus Kenworthy Is My New Favorite Person on Earth For Adopting Sochi Dogs



Yahoo - A day before he won silver in a historic American podium sweep in slopestyle skiing, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy arranged plans to adopt a family of stray dogs he found in Sochi. The dogs have been a big story throughout the Olympics. The Russian government hired a firm to poison the strays before the games. That was met with a serious backlash, and a Russian billionaire set a plan in motion to save as many dogs as possible. Kenworthy is doing his part to make sure the dogs find a suitable home. Here are the dogs he found near in the media center in the mountain village, according to USA Today: USA Today’s Rachel Axon that he’s serious about adopting them and bringing them back to the U.S., where he already has owners lined up. Kenworthy has already arranged for kennels and is trying to get them vaccinated on Monday. Getting the puppies on a plane is not difficult, he said, because he can put two to a kennel. Bringing their mother might be harder because of different requirements for adult dogs.’I’m trying,’ he said. ‘I’m doing what I can.'” Well Gus Kenworthy is now officially my favorite Olympian.

I’ve been doing my best to avoid the dogs in Sochi issue because I can’t do anything about it and it makes me want to simultaneously punch a hole in a wall and cry. I just want to save them all and give them the best lives ever and feed them nonstop treats. So it’s nice to read a story like this. Gus Kenworthy just doing god’s work over in Russia.

As a sidenote I can’t even imagine how much Olympic Village pussy he’s getting now. I mean the story already made me leak a little precum and that was before I saw the picture of him with the dogs. Chicks must just be leaking all over the place.