The Coronavirus Ain't Got Shit On Bieber Fever (NEW SINGLE)

Say what you want, Justin Bieber is a bad boy and we're here for it. He's like an exotic drug dealer. Just exclusively slings great shit. But instead of that pure MDMA the boys love so much, he's out here dealing Fiats and college tuitions and a #1 single in the process. What a goddamn music video. 

Takes me back to a time when music videos ruled the world. When internet porn wasn't readily accessible and airing Thriller at 23-minutes was still okay. A time when you knew you were maturing because you started going to Vh1 instead of MTV. But also because you never got home from school in time to vote for TRL and you felt personally responsible that All Star never made it past #9 on Carson Daly's Top 10. 

Smash Mouth is my favorite band. - anonymous

Now if you excuse me I'll be over here vibing and chilling with all the other 32 year olds with mild drinking problems that still enjoy this music.