Chris Broussard Broke Out The Electronic White Board, Came Up With Some Percentages And Numbers No Longer Have Meaning

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.53.29 AM



That picture right there sums up everything that’s wrong with Chris Broussard and the ESPN coverage of LeBron or anything else they over cover.  Like what the fuck is that?  And sure, you could say me blogging about it feeds the machine but that picture right there is simply too absurd not to draw attention to.  What do those percentages even mean?  I mean, really?  I need someone to ask Broussard that.  What equation did he plug numbers in to that then spit out 85% Cavaliers, 15% Heat and goose eggs for NY and LA?  I guess numbers no longer have meaning.  At the very least if he’s going to start throwing out numbers he needs to show his work.  If you say you’re 85% sure of something, that something sure as shit better happen.

If there is a God, he will have LeBron sign with either the Knicks or Lakers just so we can use that picture over and over again to show how inept Broussard is.  If LeBron signs with the Knicks or Lakers Chris should have to wear an “I Am An Internet Troll” shirt Hank-style with a picture of that graphic on it for the rest of his life.