White Kid Stops A High School Game By Pulling Out A Between The Legs Dunk While Up 124-44, Entire Gym Loses Its Mind

Oh hell yeah, everything about this is perfect. Especially when you consider this is taking place out in Utah. I'm honestly shocked Utah doesn't have some sort of mercy rule. Feels like that'd be a very Utah thing. But here we are talking about Wastach Academy - a top-15 high school team in the country. 

How about this move though? My man saw his opportunity and more importantly, number 32 knew what was coming. He's seen this before in practice. That's the only way you end up with this smirk 

At the same time, this man had enough. He was down 80 points and now having the entire gym turn into And-1 like The Professor dunked

Personally I love the reaction by the bench. Just hopping all over the court, causing a ruckus. The ref had to go stop the game just to calm everyone down. Shout out the coach for letting all this happen to. If you're up 80 points you get to celebrate as you please. Those are just rules. Don't like it? Don't lose by 80.