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AJ Hinch Can't Seem To Pinpoint What Advantages The Astros Had From Knowing Every Single Pitch That Was Coming

So MLB Network released a snippet of tonight's exclusive AJ Hinch interview with Tom Verducci. All it took was one minute to realize where this whole interview is headed towards tonight. Non-answers. Total bullshit. 

When asked if he believed the Astros championship was tainted Hinch responded with a deep breath,

"It's a fair question and I think everyone is going to have to draw their own conclusion. Umm I hope over time and the demonstration with the talents of this team, the players, the careers that are being had, we have some of the best players in the entire sport all together on the same team. I hope over time ummm it's proven that it wasn't, but I understand the question. It's a fair question, and people are going to have to draw their own conclusions. Unfortunately we opened that door umm as a group and that question may never be answered we may never know. Ummm and we're going to have to live and move forward and umm be better in the sport. But unfortunately no one can really answer that question I can't pinpoint what advantages or what happened or exactly what would have happened otherwise...(dramatic pause)...but we did it to ourselves." 

So by using AJ Hinch's logic here, if you shoot someone and they die you really can't be sure if that's what killed them. Maybe it was their terrible diet? Maybe they had a terminal illness? Maybe it was old age? I mean we all die someday. You just don't know! 

The Astros knowing every single pitch that's coming definitely shouldn't correlate to their contact rates skyrocketing along with them pulverizing every pitcher at home. Nope, that's a poor way to draw a conclusion. Shame on all of us. I wonder if the fact that the games with the highest amount of bangs are games where they scored double digit runs means anything? Just a big coincidence to Hinchy!

It's pretty clear he only did this interview to play the victim card and look sad on camera. He's not going to admit to a single thing. It's just a giant waste of time. Fuck this guy.