Jon Heyman Says Steve Cohen's Deal To Buy The Mets Is Officially Dead

So there you have it folks. After waiting for a couple of days, we have word from someone who actually knows what the fuck they are talking about that the deal is muerte days after my first venture to #ScoopCity unfortunately ended being correct. I honestly would have thought there was a chance that this could be some sort of negotiating ploy by the Wilpons through their mouthpiece Heyman. But Jonny Cakes doesn't tweet out "Kaput" unless something is deader than a Mets fan's soul today.

My favorite part of this tweet is saying that the Wilpons are going to open up the sale to a more typical auction. Based on the last two times the Wilpons had a serious buyer, they backed out last minute. And I can't imagine they are going to take a deal that doesn't include Jeff Wilpon being in charge for 5+ more years and getting his ass wiped by whoever the new owner is. Which person in their right mind would agree to those terms? Nobody. Steve Cohen and his unlimited money was our best hope to save this franchise from that meddling asshole. Instead it looks like the Mets ended up Metsing just like we always knew they would in the bottom of our souls.

I don't know what we can do in terms of protests, boycotts, or anything else yet (Any ideas should be submitted here). But at least the war on social media is fun to laugh at in between tears.

KFC and I recorded yet another emergency podcast today to break down the breaking down of these negotiations and our hearts being ripped out of our chest one more time.