'I Want Somebody That's Gonna Pass The Ball' - Giannis Casually Roasting James Harden While Refusing To Pick Him During The All-Star Draft

Christ, Giannis. I didn't expect that out of my man here. Just playing directly into Charles Barkley's hand by roasting James Harden during the All-Star Draft. That's what I want though. I wish this was live and more importantly I wish they did this true recess style by having every single person playing in the game circled up and walking towards their team. I want dudes getting pissy that they got passed up or they were the last pick. So give me Giannis roasting James Harden, although his GM skills are suspect: 

He just ... he just picked the East starters. That's not where you want to be. That said I do appreciate him letting LeBron pick James Harden, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. Can't wait to see the three of them interact considering how well they all get along. Plus Dame and Russ on the same team. 

PS: No one loved this joke more than Chuck