Filmaker Who Made A Documentary About Weed Will Be Giving Out Free Weed To People At Colorado Screenings

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Huffington Post- What’s the best way to get people to see your movie about pot? Offer them free pot, of course. The filmmaker behind a docu-comedy about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado will pass out a small amount of free weed to people attending screenings this week at the Mayan Theater in Denver and the Boulder Theater in Boulder. The stunt is legal, per Colorado law, which permits adults over 21 to possess a small amount of weed and give it away to anyone else over 21. “I’ll be standing outside the Mayan and Boulder theaters before each screening this week, handing out a small amount of legal marijuana to anyone over 21 with a valid ID to take home to enjoy responsibly,” the film’s producer, standup comic Adam Hartle, told Deadline. “No purchase necessary, but we highly encourage you to stay and watch the film.” The flick, “Mile High: The Comeback of Cannabis,” tells the story about Colorado’s Amendment 64, which passed in 2012 and allows people to legally grow, sell and use marijuana in the state. According to The Guardian, the film takes interviews with “weed-embracing doctors, politicians, lawyers and the National Cannabis Industry Association” and intersperses them with Hartle’s standup act.

Fucking genius move by this guy.  People love free shit  And people love weed so it’s the perfect marketing scheme.  This documentary might have a bigger opening than a Transformers movie because of this news.  I think I speak for everybody when I say free stuff is just about the best.  I don’t care what it is, if you tell me there’s going to be free stuff being given away I’ll probably most likely definitely be there.  It’s human nature.  Paying for stuff fucking sucks so when the opportunity arises where you can receive something and not pay?  You’d be stupid not to do it.  When that thing is weed, it’s a must.  I don’t even really smoke anymore but that’s the point.  It’s free.  Do whatever you want with it and it won’t be a loss for you.  Smoke it, sell it or throw it out the window (don’t do that)  That’s the beauty of free stuff.  And if the main reason the filmmaker who made this documentary is doing this is so blogs like this one will create buzz about his upcoming documentary, well then he’s got me hook, line and sinker.

PS- I’ve got a couple buddies who live out in Colorado and they say it’s the best place ever.  Hard to argue, really.  Awesome looking mountains, good weather almost year round and people giving out free weed at documentaries about weed.  What’s not to love?  If I didn’t already live in the best state ever, I’d for sure head to the Centennial State.