YOU Will Decide The Punishment For Our Oscars Livestream Challenge

We are back for a big (BIG!) Oscars Livestream with PFT Commenter, Marty Mush, Feits, Jeff D Lowe and KenJac and this year YOU decide the punishment for the loser of our live Oscars Challenge...

The loser of the challenge will have to drink a milkshake filled with both good (ice cream, soda, chocolate) and bad (vegemite, chicken livers, mint jelly) ingredients. Throughout the night during commercial breaks, you can head to @LightsCameraPod on Twitter and vote for which ingredient will be next added to our milkshake. 

Watch along live as we take in the Oscars and witness the blender fill up before this potential moment for the loser...

1. Everyone drafted (snake order) one pick in all 24 categories
2. If someone’s nominee wins, you get one point
3. You (the audience) decide each commercial break on Twitter the next ingredient that goes in the shake
- Each vote will consist of four good or bad ingredients
4. The person with the lowest point total at the end of the night has to drink the shake

It's as simple as that! We will go live at 745|645c on @LightsCameraPod and

For reference, these are the nominees we are all banking on saving us from the gross milkshake...

See you Sunday night!