Who Knew BYU Baseball Has the Coolest Stadium in Sports?

Wait ... what?

How is it not a commonly known fact that BYU's baseball team plays in the most beautiful backdrop in America? I have obviously seen shots from BYU's football stadium which look awesome with the same mountains in the background, but something about that baseball stadium hits different. My goodness.

I think it's the snow on the mountains, whereas you don't usually see that with football. But I just can't get over how amazing that looks. WHat a cool place that must be to get to play some baseball. I guess that's one of the trade-offs for all the other stuff you have to deal with to go to BYU.

But college baseball is right around the corner, y'all. Next Friday. I have been told by some of my co-workers — several of whom played D1 college baseball — that I am the only person in America excited by this fact, but that just shows they haven't been to an SEC school. We take baseball seriously, too.

And if college baseball is just about ready to go, that means spring training is getting going, too. It's almost the best time of the year.