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A Locker Room Leader has Officially Emerged as we are now Conducting Players Only Meetings in Philly

There has been a lot of talk in the past few days about problems arising in the Sixers locker room. Al Horford spoke about this yesterday in an interview stating that they were "handling it internally".

One thing that has been very apparent this year is that we are missing a leader in the locker room. Last year, we had a dog in Jimmy Butler who would basically just scare the shit out of his teammates in order to get the team back on track. With shit hitting the fan, the team has not turned to our 4 max players to show leadership, but rather the 26 year old, first year guard, Josh Richardson. 

Do I wish our two franchise corner stones stepped up and dropped their balls on the table? Of course. But I love to see this out of JRich. He understands that there is a problem and things need to change. He could've sat around and said "this isn't my place" "I haven't even been playing" "I just got here" etc.. However, he stepped up and sat the boys down to hopefully hash out some issues and figure some shit out. I love it 

I love it so much that I would like to make an official statement saying that I believe the Sixers win this basketball game tonight. Thats right. We are going to go into Milwaukee fresh off this losing streak, fresh off these deadline moves, fresh off this players only meeting and take down the 43-7 Milwaukee Bucks. Let's not forget Christmas day.

This is what we do. Whenever it looks like we're fucked, and the team sucks, and we should blow up the team, we go and beat one of the leagues best. We haven't quite figured it out on the road yet but we gotta start at some point. Tonight will be the night. Go Sixers. Trust the Process. Philly +350. Cash it