5-Star DE Jordan Burch's Mother Will Not Let Him Send His NLI To South Carolina

Jordan Burch is one of the best football players in the class of 2020. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Gamecocks coach Will Muschamp was recruiting Burch hard. Luckily, he got a commitment from the #8 player in America and secured a top 25 class according to 247Sports Composite rankings. To make it official, all he needed to do was receive the signed NLI from Burch. To the time of this blog, this has yet to happen:

SOURCE-Columbia (S.C.) Hammond five-star defensive end Jordan Burch reaffirmed his plan to sign with South Carolina yesterday at his school's ceremony. Following the event, the 6-foot-5, 275 pounder signed his national letter of intent with South Carolina, but it was not faxed over to the university. I am told Burch is 100 percent sure of his decision and fully plans to attend South Carolina. However, his mother has not given her permission for the NLI to be sent over to the Gamecocks. It is unclear if or when she will grant that permission. I am also told his mom is on board with him attending South Carolina, so her reason for not allowing the letter to be sent is unclear. I will continue tracking this as best I can throughout the day and going forward, if needed.

This isn't the first time a mother has gotten in-between an NLI being sent to a school in a timely fashion and I'm sure it won't be the last. 

The report from South Carolina's 247 site says that Burch's mother is okay with him going to Sakarlina, so maybe this is a ploy for Burch to go to LSU without much heat falling on him. My theory is that he was about to sign his letter yesterday, realized he'd rather to go to South Carolina, and going with the "mother won't sign my NLI" excuse. 

Recruiting is never short of drama.