Duke and UNC Will Play Each Other Wearing the Worst Uniforms of All-Time This Weekend

I have no idea what in the hell Nike was thinking when these were designed and approved, but these uniforms are an affront to one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

I was convinced it was just a retail thing that fans could buy until I saw the video UNC released hyping up the awesome new uniform it will be wearing for its first game against Duke this season. And I will say, the actual uniform looks marginally better than the renderings, but that takes it from maybe the worst uniform of all-time to just pretty awful.

These jerseys honestly look like what I'd expect Nike to make for the Duke and UNC manager teams — which would be cool for them, but obviously pretty bad when made for the actual teams that play games for real. This game is already greatly diminished by the fact that UNC has its worst team in forever and now it's going to look like we're watching a practice.

Although as I've written this, I think Nike may have stumbled upon the most genius marketing move of all-time. Maybe they knew this would make everybody talk about it.

If these were done by people who thought they looked good, they're a colossal failure. If it was a publicity stunt, it's genius.