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Highlight From "The Hunt:" Chick Climbing In The Garbage Can Rolling Around In Empties

Ahh, The Hunt. The whitest, bougiest event in the Tri State area. Its nothing but basic bitches and frat bros as far as the eye can see. Its nothing but Hunter Boots and Patagonia vests. Vineyard Vines and flannel shirts. Every year there’s pictures and footage of a bunch of Brother Jimmy’s Yuppies getting absolutely shitfaced in the mud in the cold October weather in the woods of New Jersey. But this year we were given this gem. This chick in her leggings climbing out of a garbage can, losing the war against gravity, and rolling around in the empties drank by her bougie, WASPy, JAPy brethren. This girl is this year’s 2014 Queen Of The Hunt. Anytime you’re inside a garbage can stomping on empties and end up rolling in the grass swimming in that garbage, you deserve the crown.

If you got anymore pictures or footage from this Saturday’s shenanigans, send it my way. @KFCBarstool.

PS – Found this generic picture on Twitter after searching “Far Hills”

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.47.16 AM


You couldn’t script a better picture to represent The Hunt than this right here.