Drone Footage of Wuhan, The Coronavirus Epicenter, Is Unbelievably Eerie. Place Is A Ghost Town

Just an incredible video. I don't know how many people realize what kind of city Wuhan is. I had never heard of it before the Coronavirus outbreak, but it is 11 million people. Or...the approximate size of New York City. And now the entire thing looks like some sort of post-apocolyptic ghost town. Evacuated, quarantined, and now over 500 people dead. Unbelievable to get a visual of what the city is looking like amid the crisis. Creeps me out and scares the shit out of me. It's crazy that this is even possible. I can't imagine the authorities here being able to shut down NYC. Just seems like too gargantuan of a task, but maybe that is what it takes. 

Really sad news coming out of China now too with the doctor who first spoke up about the virus dying

Vice is reporting he's dead. Other outlets like the NY Post are saying that he's still fighting for his life. That headline by Vice is going to give rise to a LOT of conspiracy theories about this guy. The way they wrote it makes it seem as if he was killed by the government Epstein style to shut him up. Hopefully Vice is wrong about his death and he's able to make a full recover and eventually tell his story because it feels like getting the truth about how this happened and what is going on on the ground is nearly impossible. The internet rumors are starting to take over and the reports are horrifying. If you want to fall down a rabbit hole for a few hours, clear your schedule, and prepare to order hospital masks from amazon.