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Jets Trade Conditional Pick For Percy Harvin

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As Jay Glazer just reported, the Jets have traded for Percy Harvin of the Seattle Seahawks for a conditional pick. Harvin is currently dealing with a thigh injury and was listed questionable for this Sunday, so with the extra week rest he theoretically should be able to debut for the Jets on the 26th.


Now it’s hard to tell exactly how good of a trade this is or isn’t because the terms of the pick haven’t been fully disclosed yet, but assuming this is a conditional mid-round, this would appear to be a good, low-risk trade for the Jets.

To me, this trade feels a little bit like putting lipstick on a pig. Harvin is obviously not the swiss-army knife weapon he was for the Vikings anymore, but was a solid contributor this year with 133 yards and 22 catches through 5 games. But he’s not the kind of player anymore, even when he’s on the field which is rare, to make an instant, game-changing impact on your offense week in and week out. This trade doesn’t change the fact that Geno Smith is still the Quarterback, the offensive line is prone to inconsistency, and the defense has steadily declined from where it was in the beginning of the Rex Ryan offense. It just sort of smells like a trade made to placate a fanbase that is angry coming off a 1-5 loss and an emotionally wrenching division lost. So while I wouldn’t dislike the trade or anything, it’s a solid, relatively low-risk play, if I was a Jets fan, it doesn’t really do much to improve their overall situation.


PS-Every non-Jets fan in the world is rooting for the Jets to draft Jameis Winston right? God that would be amazing.