Pornhub Has To Tell Users To Stop Uploading Highlights From The Germany/Brazil Game To Their Site


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Hilarious for everyone involved except the Brazilians of course.  They can’t catch a break right now.  Websites and blogs all across the world have been joyously compiling photos of their citizens being reduced to tears during yesterday’s ass kicking and, in case you didn’t know, there’s massive riots in the streets because of the blow out against Germany (and because that country is just a tad unstable).  People burning everything in sight, flipping cars.  And now this.  Users of the site Pornhub uploading highlights from the game where “Young Brazillians get fucked by entire German team”.  Brutal and super funny all at the same time.  Serious question: Is getting beaten so badly that people are repeatedly uploading the game to a porn site worse than your people crying or riots in the streets?  I say 100% yes.  People cry all the time at sporting events.  That’s not embarrassing.  And sure, riots are pretty bad whenever they happen.  But when so many people add your game highlights to a porn site that the porn site has to make a statement telling people to stop doing it, that’s bottom of the fucking barrel type stuff.

Sorry old man.

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