The Red Sox Appear To Be Moving Closer To Hiring Griff Holt As Their Next Manager

There you have it. Griff Holt will become the next Red Sox manager after turning three years old this past December. What a wildly impressive feat to achieve before entering kindergarten.

For those who aren't familiar with Griff's managerial style, he basically only cares about offense, which is perfect because the Red Sox were 19th in team ERA last year but fourth in runs scored. He loves big bombs and that's really it.

In addition to hitting big bombs, he's also strict as it pertains to his diet and workout regimen to get stronger and stronger. This routine consists of Capri Sun and fighting his dad.

In terms of what he values most from a skillset standpoint, he's a big fan of Mookie Betts, which means that in addition to big bombs, he can at least appreciate defense and baserunning.


I just reached out to Brock to see if we could get a comment from Griff on the hiring and he said that he's napping. Will update the blog when he wakes up. But either way, great hire. Looking forward to the future.